Since age eight, Ernie Lombardo has been in love with guitars and electronics. His background and education in Electro Mechanical Computer Engineering from The New York Institute of Technology has enabled him to create some of the most amazing musical instruments the world has seen.

Ernie Lombardo's Love Affair With The Guitar Begins

Lombardo studied under the excellent watch of Master Luthier Tom Doyle, Les Paul’s luthier and engineer for over 30 years, and responsible for some of Les’s most impressive creations.

Doyle’s guidance and expertise have guided the creation of the fine instruments in the
E. Lombardo Guitars family. Lombardo builds acoustic and electric guitars, solid, chambered and hollow body guitars as well as basses.



E. LOMBARDO Guitars will create the instrument of your dreams for half of the cost of the big three custom shops. Our instruments are all created meticulously by the caring and seasoned hands of Ernie Lombardo. There is no factory or factory workers. Pricing is based on the selection and availability of the woods and components you desire.

E. LOMBARDO Guitars have guitars in stock and are ready for sale. You may call us directly at 516.459.6733 for a personal demo at your place or a demo in our showroom.

Also - if you would like a guitar to demo and/or to play at a gig, please contact us and we will make arrangements to get one in your hands as soon as possible.